About Us


George Grace II, father of owner and operator George Grace III (aka: Junior) had started with 1 tow truck many years ago, providing friends and family with tow service. This created a spark of interest for Junior at a young age. Always wanting to accompany his dad on every tow possible, this became one of Junior’s fascinations.


They soon started down the path in the sanitation industry, always keeping the one tow truck handy.


The Grace’s have taken their company, known today as Paradise Lua (1985), to the top. Being one of the largest portable sanitation companies in the State, and still growing. Still having the love for towing, Junior formed Pinky Tows Hawaii, Inc. (2013). Junior says towing has been in his blood ever since he can remember.


We at Pinky Tows Hawaii, have tremendously grown since we’ve started. Helping with HPD, servicing private tows, and the expansion of our Fleet Member Program. We are all family here and we like to treat every customer as part of ours.