Where's my car?

If your car has been towed you may find it at Pinky Tows. Please bring the proper documents to pick up your vehicle. Should you have any questions, call Pinky Tows Hawaii 808-682-8697

Where is Pinky Tows Located?

Pinky Tows Hawaii
96-1268 Waihona Street
Pearl City, Hawaii 96782

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Vehicle Retrieval Requirements

What you need to pick up your vehicle:

You must be the registered agent with notarized P.O.A (POWER OF ATTORNEY) authorizing a specific person(s) from the legal or registered owner, with valid state, or federal issued photo ID. Vehicles may also be released to insurance agencies.

How we will know you own the vehicle you're picking up:

Registration &/OR Title (ownership papers) are required for ownership verification. if documents are UNAVAILABLE the staff will:

1. Escort 1 person to retrieve the information from the vehicle.

2. Call HPD (Honolulu Police Department) to verify ownership.

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Pinky Tows provides reliable, quality towing, and roadside service. Priding ourselves on being professional and customer service oriented, we want to provide Hawaii business owners with the best tow options.

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Fleet Program Manager

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